Come and Join us for an unforgettable Wulai Cultural Trip on Feb 18th

      Wulai is at the southern most edge of Taipei County. It is surrounded by high mountains and deep valleys with many waterfalls. What’s more, it is the only town in the county purely for indigenous peoples, which are called the Atayal. The name Wulai comes from the Atayal word “kirofu”. According to legend, the Atayal people went hunting in Wulai one day and found gushes of hot water coming out of the land s. They shouted “kirofu” which means “watch out, hot water”, to warn each other not to be burned by the heat and that’s how Wulai got its name.

      Our English-speaking tour guide will lead you along the Old Street and visit the Atayal Museum. The 3-story museum has an underground exhibition area with additional exhibition rooms on the upper floors. It explains everything about the Atayal people’s history, cultural traditions, customs, religion, and festivals. It also gives insights on the Atayal people from different perspectives such as history, nature and culture. For example, do you know why the Atayal people tattoo their faces? The tattoos are symbols of adulthood and honor. There are also models of Atayal traditional bamboo buildings that the people lived in.

      After visiting the museum, we will take “Log-cars” (originally for carrying timber) to the a restaurant and enjoy indigenous foods of the Atayal people. After lunch, we will watch the Atayal Folk Performance in the theater and have an opportunity to dance with the performers!  Before returning to NCCU, we will take several group photos in front of the Wulai waterfall and cherry trees.

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